TODO: Move all media to 4Tb disk

Plex is a video and audio streaming solution. My interest stems from their Plex Cloud solution which allows users to store media on various cloud services which can then be streamed to Tv / web etc

Or just Backblaze the whole lot.

The latter (Backblaze) makes the most sense. Use a 4Tb Hd attached to the iMac which can hold all the media. This, as well as Dropbox/Plex for more current stuff would work well. No (real) need for a local backup as BackBlaze has everything and, anyway, it easily re-obtainable media. I must do this. I accept that this isn’r ideal, but Cloud storage options for significant media libraries is still prohibitivly expensive.

A 4Tb disk can store approximatly 2,000 2Gb shows.