My iOS project has been using Jenkins & Fastlane to build, test & upload to HockeyApp.

Steps for creating a parameterised build

Copy the Jenkins build job

B&C uses the Jenkins job iOS-CheckoutNightly. This job should be copied (Via Jenkins -> New Item -> Copy from) and named appropriatly.

This new job should then be configured to change the following Jenkins parameters:

  • BRANCH e.g. feature/checkout
  • SCHEME e.g. Nightly
  • APPID e.g. DEADBEEF771248cba6aff5f4c972c779
  • HOCKEYTOKEN e.g. DEADBEEF2dea4460bee6889fbfe019bd

If necessary a feeder Jenkins job can be created which just calls iOS-CheckoutNightly, but passing different parameters. For example: ExampleParameterisedBuild

TODO: Investigate Build Flows

// See https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Build+Flow+Plugin
// For examples on how to use this

build ("android_parameterized_build", , param1: "develop")

retry ( 3 ) {
    build( "android_upload_to_hockey" )


build("ANDROID_SOME_RELEASE", APP_ID: "DEADBEEFdca69c8d6f9d7326e3b4c50b", ANDROID_AVD_DEVICE: "666_490597a0")


Just add the follwing as a build step in Jenkins.

#!/bin/bash -l
export LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8
export LANG=en_US.UTF-8
export LANGUAGE=en_US.UTF-8

cd src

export WORKSPACE="MYPROJECT.xcworkspace"
export EXPORT_METHOD="enterprise"
# export IPA_NAME="MYPROJECT.ipa"
# export IPA_NAME="MYPROJECTUITests.ipa"

# Also --scheme MYPROJECTUITestsWebViewStatus or MYPROJECTUITests

gym --workspace "$WORKSPACE"          \
    --scheme "Debug"                  \
    --silent                          \
    --clean                           \
    --export_method "$EXPORT_METHOD"  \
    --export_team_id "$TEAM_ID"       \
    --include_bitcode false           \
    --include_symbols false           \
    --output_name "MYPROJECT.ipa"     \